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Tomomaru Kuroyanagi
Managing Director

Since its founding in 1972, Kumiai group has grown from strength to strength, with the unwavering support from our valuable customers and stakeholders. To further strengthen its competitiveness as well as to have a platform for future overseas expansion, Kumiai Navigation was established in Singapore in 1995, through purchasing 6 vessels from our parent company, Kumiai Senpaku Co Ltd.

20 years have passed since we started our ship owning business in Singapore. We have just celebrated a major milestone having reached our 20th anniversary this April. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have helped us reach this achievement. Our growth would not have been possible without you. Thank you for your support and guidance.

The shipping bloom that lasted from 2003 till Lehman shock in 2008, the unprecedented large amounts of speculative money that flowed into the shipping market, had completely upset the traditional shipping norms and led to a big structural change.

Though we survived in such unpredictable era, we must continue to evolve in order to progress and prosper further. The most important things are to return to the fundamentals of shipping, focus on ship owning activities as ship owners, live in harmony with each and every stakeholder, provide high quality services to achieve safe and efficient navigation, act and think flexibly to respond to the changing needs.

We still have a long way to go, but we are committed to work closely with the stakeholders and strive for excellence.

We also strongly agree with the idea of co-existence with the environment to build a sustainable society. We will do our part, no matter how small, to support “Kizuki No Mori” which literally means “Build-A-Forest”, a CSR project carried out by Kumiai as a group to promote environmental awareness and protection. Please continue to give us your support and guidance.

April 2015


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