Aiming to become one of the
Leading Global Shipping

Optimizing safe and fuel efficient
navigation to preserve a sustainable
ocean for the future generations

Co-existing with society through the

Promotion of Environmental Awareness
& Conservation


About Us

Kumiai Navigation (Pte) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd., a leading independent shipowner in Japan.

We were established in Singapore in 1995 with the aim of strengthening the international competitiveness of the entire Kumiai Senpaku Group, and to expand from domestic shipping in Japan to international shipping as part of the globalization in the shipping industry. Singapore was chosen because of its strategic location in the world’s shipping industry.

We currently own 18 vessels, but with more new vessels in the pipeline, we are expanding significantly and globally for the Kumiai Group and making an exciting contribution to the development of the world’s shipping industry.

Our Milestone


17 Mar 1972

Kumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd. was founded by

the late Mr. Toyoshige Shiraishi in Matsuyama.


22 Dec 1972

First vessel Hourai Maru was delivered.

1st Overseas venture

20 Apr 1995

Kumiai Navigation (Pte) Ltd, 100% owned by KS, was established in Singapore with 6 vessels.


01 May 1995

KN Tokyo Office was established in Tokyo to better support our clients in Japan.



Proud ship owner of 18 vessels, with 4 new ship buildings to be delivered by June 2022.


The development of our fleet, along with our flexible business strategy, has enabled us to cultivate a broad and high-quality customer base that encompasses the leading players in all our chosen markets.